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Discover our brands - Eastwood

Ever since the company was founded in 2004, it has adopted a good and well thought-out international brand policy. With a brand portfolio that is constantly being updated and expanded, Twist NV, the tobacco manufacturer, continues to increase its market share in different countries.

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The Eastwood brand was soon established after the investment in our DIET lines. The powerful eagle stands for everything the brand and the tobacco has to offer. An intense yet refined tobacco that is perfect for tubing. Besides the DIET range of Eastwood there is since today also the possibility to buy pipe tobacco under this brand.


Diet Half Zwaar
Diet Half Zwaar
Diet American blend
Diet American blend
Diet Menthol
Diet Menthol


  • Block Bottom Pouches: 20 – 50/gr
  • Double Wrap Pouches: 10 – 50/gr
  • Tins: 10 – 220/gr
  • Buckets: 50 – 900/gr